Revolutionary War Officers, 33rd Degree Freemason, Bankers, Politicians, California Gold Rush Argonaut (’49er)

KINYON LINEAGE My 6th great-grandfather Enoch Kinyon and his son, my 5th great-grandfather Joshua Kinyon were both Captains in the American Revolution and commanded soldiers against the British in the Battle of Rhode Island and other conflicts. Enoch's grandfather John was the first Kenyon/Kinyon to immigrate to the New World from England in the mid-1600s.... Continue Reading →


Mayflower Pilgrims, Plymouth Colonists, & Author of the Mayflower Compact

BREWSTER / ALDEN / HOWLAND / TILLEY / ROGERS The Mayflower left England in the winter of 1620 with 102 passengers and crew. Most of the passengers were Pilgrims fleeing persistent religious persecution, but some were hired hands, servants, or farmers recruited by London merchants. Only 52 passengers survived the first winter aboard the ship... Continue Reading →

Anti-Corruption Activists, A Champion of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly and Equal Rights for Women

HUTCHINSON / MARBURY / DRYDEN Rev. Francis Marbury (my 10th-great-grandfather) became incensed that the Anglican church was appointing ministers to their positions purely for political reasons. The young minister so openly opposed this corruption that he was soon arrested, sent to jail, and later driven out of Northamptonshire. After his first wife passed he married... Continue Reading →

Early Colonists, Signers of the Portsmouth Compact, A Founding Father, A Civil War General, & A Secretary of State

SHERMAN  From 1632 to 1637 six Sherman brothers and first cousins immigrated to the New World. Philip, Samuel, and Henry were brothers and Capt. John Sherman was their cousin. Their cousins Reverend John and the Honorable Samuel Sherman were also brothers. It has not been established whether William Sherman, one of the Mayflower Pilgrims, was... Continue Reading →

Headmaster of 1st Public School in the Colonies, Founder of Harvard University, Founder of Dartmouth, & Early Pioneers

WHEELOCK  Rev. Ralph Wheelock (my 9th-great-grandfather) was a highly educated graduate of Cambridge University, England. His contemporaries there included John Milton and John Eliot, whose liberal views he seemed to share. He emigrated to America in 1637, fleeing religious persecution. He was a puritan preacher but never headed his own church. He helped found the... Continue Reading →

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