Mayflower Pilgrims, Plymouth Colonists and signers of the Mayflower Compact.

The Mayflower left England in the winter of 1620 with 102 passengers and crew. Most of the passengers were Pilgrims fleeing persistent religious persecution, but some were hired hands, servants, or farmers recruited by London merchants. Only 52 passengers survived the first winter aboard the ship which remained anchored in Plymouth Harbor until the Pilgrims had finished building their houses on land.

I have at least 6 direct ancestors in this famous group of Pilgrims.

William Brewster III (10 great-grandfather) was one of the original members of the religious Separatist congregation that became the nucleus of the Pilgrim church. When Brewster and other members of the Pilgrim community emigrated to America in 1620 their pastor John Robinson remained behind. Brewster was ordained the religious leader of Plymouth Colony. Brewster’s wife Mary and two sons were also a passengers. William was likely the author of the Mayflower Compact.

John Alden (10th great-grandfather) was the first person from the Mayflower to set foot on Plymouth Rock in 1620. He was also one of the founders of Plymouth Colony and the seventh signer of the Mayflower Compact. He also stole the heart of Priscilla Mullins who was Capt. Miles Standish’s love interest at the time.

John Howland (10th great grandfather) was swept overboard in a severe storm that cracked the main beam of the ship but he caught a rope and was rescued. He was one of the founders of Plymouth Colony and the thirteenth signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Elizabeth Tilley (10th great-grandmother) was married to John Howland upon arrival and had 10 children in the New World. Her father John Tilley (11th great-grandfather) and his brother Edward were not so lucky, both were involved in the early exploring expeditions of the Cape Cod in November and December 1620, both died, suffering the effects of being ill-clad and wet in the freezing temperatures.

Thomas Rogers (10th great-grandfather) was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact but perished in the winter of 1620/21. His son Joseph, who traveled with Thomas on the Mayflower, but was too young, at age 17, to sign the Mayflower Compact, survived to live a long life.

Interestingly, my mom is a direct descendant of Thomas Howland, John Howland’s brother, who followed him to the New World two short years later.


Brewster lineage:

1 – William and Mary Brewster – Mayflower passengers.

2 – Their daughter Rebecca married Richard Mann.

3 – Their son Thomas Mann married Sarah Woodworth.

4 – Their son Josiah Mann married Mary Chubbuck.

5 – Their son Jonathan Mann married Mary Gilbert.

6 – Their daughter Polly Man married Joshua Kinyon.

7 – Their son Samuel Kinyon married Dolly Wheelock.

8 – Their son Charles J. Kinyon married Charlotte Wardwell.

9 – Their son Fayette Kinyon married Mary Chapin

10 – Their son Chapin F. Kinyon married Elizabeth Graves.

11 – Their son was my dad.

Alden/Collins lineage:

1 – John Alden and Priscilla Collins – Mayflower passengers.

2 – Their daughter Elizabeth Alden married William Peabody.

3 – Their daughter Lydia Peabody married Daniel Grinnell.

4 – Their son George Grinnell married Mary Bull.

5 – Their son Daniel Grinnell III (Revolutionary Soldier) married Ann Chapman.

6 – Their son Ezra Grinnell (died in battle, War of 1812) married Oliver Parker.

7 – Their son Benjamin Grinnell married Kezia Freeman.

8 – Their daughter Abigail Grinnell married William Wardwell.

9 – Their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Wardwell married Charles J. Kinyon.

10 – Their son Fayette Kinyon married Mary Chapin.

11- Their son Chapin F. Kinyon married Elizabeth Graves.

12 – Their son was my dad.

Howland/Tilley lineage:

1 – John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley – Mayflower passengers.

2 – Their son Jebez Howland married Bethiah Thatcher.

3 – Their son Samuel Howland married Abigail Carey.

4 – Their daughter Phebe Howland married John Wardwell.

5 – Their son John Wardwell married Hannah “Sally” Swan.

6 – Their son Col. Samuel Wardwell married Lydia Perkins.

7 – Their son Samuel Wardwell II married Hannah Munro.

8 – Their son William Wardwell married Abigail Grinnell.

9 – Their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Wardwell married Charles J. Kinyon.

10 – Their son Fayette Kinyon married Mary Chapin

11 – Their son Chapin F. Kinyon married Elizabeth Graves.

12 – Their son was my dad.

Thomas Rogers (1586 – 1638) – MAYFLOWER PASSENGER
10th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Rogers (1617 – 1685)
daughter of Thomas Rogers
SARAH E WOODWORTH (1643 – 1685)
daughter of Elizabeth Rogers
Thomas Mann Jr (1681 – 1795)
Josiah MANN (1715 – 1802)
son of Thomas Mann Jr
Mary Polly Mann (1775 – 1868)
daughter of Jonathan Mann
Samuel Kinyon (1808 – 1851)
son of Mary Polly Mann
Charles Jay Kinyon (1848 – )
son of Samuel Kinyon
Fayette Carey Kinyon (1875 – 1968)
son of Charles Jay Kinyon
Chapin Foster Kinyon (1912 – 2004)
son of Fayette Carey Kinyon
Andrew Foster Kinyon (1942 – 1972)
son of Chapin Foster Kinyon
Jonathan Foster Kinyon
You are the son of Andrew Foster Kinyon


Mass Memories Road Show at Umass Boston
The John Alden House in Duxbury, MA. – still standing today!

Reference: The Howland Heirs by William Morrell Emery – Published in 1919